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One Vision Studios sound recording and reproduction, mixing is the process of summing a multitrack recording down to mono, stereo, or surround sound print. Mixing methods include but are not limited to: setting levels, setting equalization, using stereo panning, and adding effects.

| Breeze | $he | Official Music Video | (Prod by: Lelynd Darkes)

Popsie "Not Pefect"

Kari Atare x Someone 2 Luv

Tri-City - What I Gotta Be

Upcoming Artist

Popsie MTE

We got a chance to cath MTE recording artist Popsie blaze the stage at  ONO nightclub! IT was a rather great experience as we got to wit

Top 5 "New Artist to Watch"

One Vision's Top 5 "New Artist to Watch' of the week. These artist are making some noise and dropping some heat! Expecting major things from all of them!

"Top 5" Hottest Artist of the week

Giving you the "Top 5" hottest tracks of the week every Friday! Remember where you heard it!

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